2017 Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society
Family Mandarin Summer Camp
Time: Two weeks
August 21 - August 25 10AM - 3PM
August 28 - September 1 10AM - 3PM

Location: Taiwanese-Canadian Cultural Centre
8853 Selkirk Street Vancouver, BC
Learns to speak and responds to basic Mandarin/4 sessions per day
Recommended for anyone who is interested in learning basic Mandarin.
Suitable for beginners.
Program includes
*Aiming at the goal of Mandarin as a second language.
*Learning to pronounce Mandarin words in correct tones with effective phonetic aides.
*Great opportunity to speak and responds to basic Mandarin.
*Classes taught by professional Mandarin instructors with games, singing, and story-telling activities.
*Motivating children to engage and enhance their interest in learning the new language.
Our instructors are experienced. They are enthusiastic, encouraging and responsible.
Offered to families with children under 12 years old.
Any student under age of 6 needs to be accompanied by an adult.
*One Week: $250 (materials included)
*Two Weeks: $450 (materials included)
*drop-ins: $15/class (Please call in advance to ensure availability)
*5% discount for families with more than one child registered
(Offers not included for drop-ins)
*5% for early bird registration (must register and pay before June 23)
*Refunds not available after Aug. 14th , a week before the program starts.
*Free of charge for the adult who accompanies the child during classes
*Please bring your own lunch.

Please call TCCS at 604-267-0901 or
Ms. Liao at 604-266-9981 for more information.